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Plants and Planters


IPF Omnipex provides the latest contemporary planters from quality assured manufacturers utilising unique cutting edge design, innovative composite materials and build facilities. The planters come in a huge array of colours, materials and finishes. Using clean lines and sculptured, architectural shapes, our plants and containers are tailored to compliment all furnishings and environmental schemes.


IPF Omnipex recognises the growing importance paid to the visual impact created by exterior planting, providing environmental design schemes which will enhance your corporate identity and commercial appearance. Our bespoke service includes on-site survey with safety and security assessments. Discreet installation and seasonal display changes are carried out by our own qualified staff.  

Christmas Trees

A full range of innovative and traditionally dressed live Christmas Trees. IPF Omnipex are able to supply a complete one stop, no fuss package, including tidy and discrete installation of decorated colour scheme to order live Christmas Trees with a fuss free swift collection ready to start a fresh for the beginning of the working […]

Atria & Oversize Planting Scheme

This oversize and specialist plant collection represents only a small portion of our extensive collection of plants and containers able to cater for all your corporate needs. Further details are available on request from our Customer Advisors.